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John French [авг. 6, 2008|09:13 pm]
RuGuru - masters of photography




John French was one of London’s top fashion photographers of the 1950s and 1960s, an era when those who wore and photographed clothing for a living could become famous overnight. The models he worked with included the most famous of the time, many were debutantes who went on to become well-known society figures. French persuaded the art editors of the national press to use his flawlessly lit images of top models and his work appeared in virtually every newspaper and magazine. After his death the John French archive was presented to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the worlds greatest museum of decorative arts and design, and his work has been celebrated as part of a major exhibition ‘The Golden Age of Couture’.

Pierre Balmain evening gown, 1961


Ann Gunning

Anne Gunning in an Erik felt and velvet mandarin hat with veil, photo John French. London, UK, 1950

Helen Bunney, photo John French. London, UK, 1957

Jennifer Howland in a printed cotton playsuit, photo John French. London, UK, 1957

Marla Scarafia in a Federica printed cotton sunsuit, photo John French. London, UK, 1958

Marla Scarafia in Dorville striped T-shirt and Londonus striped jeans, and Susan Abraham in Susan Small summer dress, photo John French. London, UK, 1954

Anne Larsen

Barbara Goalen in a Hardy Amies town dress, photo John French. London, UK, 1952

Barbara Goalen in a Julian Rose layered net evening dress with Tommy Kyle, photo John French. London, UK, 1950

Fiona Campbell- Walter and Anne Gunning in two tailored suits, photo John French. London, UK, 1953

Fiona Campbell-Walter in a Polly Peck evening dress and stole, photo John French. London, England, 1950s

Barbara Miura with Madame Crystal printed rayon poult handbag and neck tie, photo John French. London, UK, 1953

Pat Goddard in Givan's strapless evening bodice with quilted skirt, photo John French. London, UK, 1953

Pat Goddard in Malcom Brown gingham blouse and jeans with Roger Moore, photo John French. London, UK, 1952

Sloppy Joe crew necked man's sweater, photo John French. London, England, 1950s

Susan Abraham in a John Cavanagh tiered evening jacket, dress and hat, photo John French. London, UK, 1954

Susan Abraham in a velvet evening dress, photo John French. London, England, 1950s

Susan Abraham in Brilkie spotted evening dress and June Clarke in Baker Sportswear floral evening dress, photo John French. London, UK, 1954











Grace Coddington in a Nina Ricci suit, photo John French. England, 1965



















Dressed to Kill, photo John French. London, UK, 1963

Enid Boulting in a Nina Ricci suit of fine wool, photo John French. London, UK, 1960s



Nicole de la Marge in a Peter Shepherd velvet cap with large ostrich feather pom-pom, photo John French. London, UK, 1965

Nicole de la Marge in an Otto Lucas jersey scarf over an ocelot hat, photo John French. London, UK, 1964





Marie Lise Gres in a My Fair Lady inspired outfit, photo John French. London, England, 1960s

Marie Lise Gres in a Persian lamb hat, photo John French. London, England, 1960s

Marie Lise Gres modelling beachwear, photo John French. London, England, 1960s

Marie- Lise Gres, Moyra Swann and Paulene Stone in Mix' n' match' gingham outfits, photo John French. London, UK, 1965


Hiroko in a Pierre Cardin coat and hat, photo John French. London, England, 1965




Tania Mallet in a Femina Furs hat and coat, photo John French. London, England, 1960s

Tania Mallet in a Madame Paulette stiffened net picture hat, photo John French. London, UK, 1963


Twiggy in a fur coat, photo John French. London, England, 1963


Patti Boyd in a Mary Quant dress with the Rolling Stones, photo John French. England, 1964

Pattie Boyd and Celia Hammond in Edward Mann dots and moons helmets, photo John French. London, UK, 1965

Pattie Boyd in a nightdress, photo John French. London, England, 1960s

Paulene Stone in a Barbara Hulanicki dress for Biba, photo John French. England, 1964

Paulene Stone, London, England, 1960s



Pucci dress, photo John French. London, England, 1963

Ros Watkins in Nina Ricci wrap-over coat, photo John French. London, UK, 1961




Ungaro spotted outfit, photo John French. London, UK, 1965




Yves Saint Laurent 'smock' suit, photo John French. London, UK, 1962

Jean Shrimpton by John French














Jean Shrimpton and Celia Hammond  by John French






Cilla Black, Lulu, Julie Grant, Marianne Faithful, The Vernon Girls and other 60s celebrities, photo John French. London, UK, 1960s





David Bailey about his friend, John French:

"...When he demobbed in August 1958, Bailey acquired a Canon Rangefinder camera and the ambition to make a living with it. He applied to the London College of Printing but was rejected because he'd dropped out of school. Instead, he wound up working as a second assistant to photographer David Olins at his studio in Charlotte Mews in the West End. He was a glorified gofer--not even glorified, actually, at three pounds, ten shillings a week--and was therefore delighted a few months later to be called to an interview at the studio of John French, a somewhat better-known name and a man who had a reputation for nurturing his assistants' careers.

French, then in his early fifties, was the epitome of the fashion photographer and portraitist of the era: exquisitely attired, fastidious, posh and gay (although, as it happened, married). "John French looked," Bailey remembered, "like Fred Astaire. 'David,' he said, 'do you know about incandescent light and strobe? Do you know how to load a ten-by-eight film pack?' I said yes to everything he asked and he gave me the job, but, at that time, I didn't even know what a strobe was. We became friends and after six o'clock Mr. French became John. One night I asked him why he gave me the job. 'Well, you know, David,' he said, 'I liked the way you dressed.' Six months later everyone thought we were having an affair, but in fact, although we were fond of each other, we never got it on."
In fact, French--"a screaming queen who fancied East End boys," according to documentarian Dick Fontaine--was the first person to really recognize something special in Bailey. Partly it was his bohemian style--Cuban-heeled boots, jeans, leather jacket and hair over the ears, all before the Beatles had been heard of; party in was his aptitude for the craft. French liked to compare his young protege to the unnamed hero of Colin MacInnes's cult novel about bohemian London, Absolute Beginners--a savvy insight--and he was perfectly willing, as he had with many previous disciples, to see Bailey get ahead in his own work.

"He was an incredibly decent type of man," Bailey would say of his mentor after French died in 1966. "I don't think he was very good as a photographer, but he had a good attitude. His photography sort of slowed me down a bit, because I had to break away from his way of doing things, but I benefited from his attitude."
Even more, he would say years later, "I owe my success to two gay men, really, who told me I was wonderful and pushed me. Being a Cockney and working class, I was an outsider, and in those days gays were outcasts, too. So we felt an affinity. Anyway, John French introduced me to the picture editor of the Daily Express, and John Parsons, the art director of British Vogue--the second gay man--saw my pictures in the newspaper and offered me a job at the magazine."


[User Picture]From: lanita
2008-08-13 11:44 am
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[User Picture]From: hefring
2008-08-13 11:55 am
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[User Picture]From: scultisdead
2008-08-13 11:57 am
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[User Picture]From: pasiondepresion
2008-08-13 12:17 pm
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[User Picture]From: mikhru
2008-08-13 12:24 pm
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[User Picture]From: olgakapustina
2008-08-13 12:40 pm
просто крайне вдохновляюще!!! спасибо!
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[User Picture]From: iriska_xxi
2008-08-13 12:51 pm
потрясающие фото и атмосфера!
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[User Picture]From: lavda
2008-08-13 01:19 pm
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[User Picture]From: cynovg
2008-08-13 03:19 pm
Почему-то, тут же вспомнил о Бидструпе. Дамы очаровательны :)
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[User Picture]From: malkavian_1979
2008-08-14 12:29 pm
И ведь точно! Бидструп! *бьёт себя по лбу*
В чём-то неуловимо схожи...
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[User Picture]From: natalist
2008-08-13 03:33 pm
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[User Picture]From: fotocoffee
2008-08-13 06:21 pm
спасибище за подборку!!!!!!!! огромное поле для мыслительной деятельности!
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[User Picture]From: ly4ezarnaya
2008-08-13 07:18 pm
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[User Picture]From: esme_vetrovosk
2008-08-13 07:43 pm
Спасибо ))) Очаровывает и зачаровывает ))) Шикарно )))
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[User Picture]From: kabatov
2008-08-13 09:46 pm
Немногие способны высасывать хоть что-то из ничего. Этот JOHN FRENCH явно обладал такой счастливой способностью. Короче, яркие и тоскливые журнальные картинки для быстрого пролистывания. Впрочем, есть несколько таких, где эта сладенькая эстетика не очень явно работает против самой себя - будем считать, что неслучайно.
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[User Picture]From: l_sing
2008-08-14 10:53 am
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[User Picture]From: skal4onok
2008-08-14 07:17 pm
какие же шмотки были! просто супер! и лица, и прически - всё шикарно)
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[User Picture]From: a_shy
2008-08-16 11:26 pm
к сожалению это сообщество о фотографах, а они не имеют отношения ни к шмоткам, ни клицам, ни к причёскам (этим занимаются стилисты/визажисты/агенты).

работа фотографа это ракурс, композиция, момент... а с этим здесь всё довольно средненько.
(Ответить) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: a_shy
2008-08-16 11:20 pm
обыкновенный фэшн-фотограф. в таком количестве просто однообразен.

З.Ы. .
девушки почему-то очень любят постить сюда рекламное/фэшн-фото в безумных количествах.
к чему бы это ?...
(Ответить) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ana_lee
2008-08-16 11:40 pm
наверное, потому, что модератор(ы) пропускают такие посты сюда
к чему бы это?...
(Ответить) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: a_shy
2008-08-17 12:06 am
ну... да... их право.

правда название они неудачное выбрали - у каждого третьего поста каменты в духе "этож нифига не гуру, что оно здесь делает?"

назвались бы не ruguru, а, скажем, runicephoto - вопросов было бы меньше.

выложеные вами фотографии очень качественые, возможно они очень ценны людям увлечённым модой и фэшн-индустрией как таковой, но они не являются шедеврами фотографии.
глядя на них люди скажут что угодно кроме "ух ты, такого я раньше не видел. это что-то новое и интересное для меня". это фотографии которые можно получать по 400шт. в месяц просто покупая тотже Вог (как оно у нас не знаю, но английский Вог это красиво)
(Ответить) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ana_lee
2008-08-17 01:54 am
боюсь, если бы здесь публиковались только шедевры, сообщество давно прекратило бы существование - ведь настоящих "гуру" не так много и шедевры не поставляются конвейером)

если не относиться так строго к названию, то вполне себе можно просто наблюдать фотографию в разных стилях и направлениях. и это тоже неплохо)
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[User Picture]From: a_shy
2008-08-17 05:12 pm
ну в общем-то да, здесь вы правы )
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[User Picture]From: chus
2008-08-28 10:38 am
От себя добавлю еще одну мысль... У каждого ведь очень субъективное представление о том, что такое "гуру от фотографии", правда? Поэтому я, когда решаю, пропускать пост в сообщество или нет, стараюсь быть максимально объективным, насколько это вообще возможно. 60% того, что я сюда пропустил не вызывает у меня никаких особенных эмоций, а процентов 10 и вовсе неприятно. Но раз уж пытаешься быть объективным, то приходится расширять рамки своего вкуса и своего понимания того, что такое "гуру".
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