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Совершенно случайно наткнулась сегодня на сайт shorpy.com с чудной подборкой фотографий 1880-1952 годов. И все В БОЛЬШОМ РАЗРЕШЕНИИ. Кликайте на картинки, чтобы посмотреть большие фотографии. Или просто идите к ним на сайт.

Вот, что они сами про себя пишут:

Shorpy is a blog about old photos and what life a hundred years ago
was like: How people looked and what they did for a living, back when
not having a job usually meant not eating.


Bibb Mill Girls: 1909

January 19, 1909. Macon, Georgia. "Some adolescents in Bibb Mill No.
1." Photograph and caption by Lewis Wickes Hine.

Little Fattie: 1910

May 9, 1910. St. Louis, Mo. "Newsboy. Little Fattie. Less than 40
inches high, 6 years old. Been at it one year." Photo by Lewis Wickes

Operation Strangle: 1944

Spring 1944. Another target for Operation Strangle. "French airmen hit
a pinpoint target. Flying with the Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
under the tricolor of France, the Frenchmen split a vital rail bridge
600 feet long and 15 feet wide at the Piteccio viaduct in central
Italy. On the wing of the American-made B-26 bomber may be seen the
roundel of the French Air Force."

The Old Woman: 1935

October 1935. "Interior of a home of prospective resettlement client.
Brown County, Indiana." The old woman seen with her husband in an
earlier post today. 35mm nitrate negative by Theodor Jung for the FSA.

Test Pilot: 1942

October 1942. F.W. Hunter, Army test pilot, at the Douglas Aircraft
plant in Long Beach, Calif. 4x5 Kodachrome transparency by Alfred

Practice Makes Perfect: 1940

November 1940. "Living room in farm home of John Frost, part owner of
135 acres of semi-marginal land in Tehama County, California. He
raises turkeys, hogs and dairy cattle." We met the girl and her dad
last week, listening to the radio. Medium format negative by Russell
Lee for the FSA.

Secondino Libro: 1911

September 1911. Lawrence, Massachusetts. "Group of workers. The small
boy in the middle is Secondino Libro, 34 Walnut Street. Apparently 10
or 11. Works in No. 4 Spinning room." Photo and caption by Lewis
Wickes Hine.

The Thorndyke Boy: 1923

1923. Washington, D.C. "F. Thorndyke." National Photo Co.

Neck and Neck: 1926

1926. Washington, D.C. Photographing the photographing of giraffes at
the National Zoo. 4x5 glass negative, National Photo Company.

Beach Policeman: 1922

June 30, 1922. Washington policeman Bill Norton measuring the distance
between knee and suit at the Tidal Basin bathing beach after Col.
Sherrell, Superintendent of Public Buildings and Grounds, issued an
order that suits not be over six inches above the knee." National
Photo Co.

Edward and Peary: 1923

1923. "Children of the famous snow baby. Edward Stafford Jr. and Peary
Stafford, ages 4 and 2, grandchildren of the late Admiral Peary,
discoverer of the North Pole. Their mother, Mrs. Edward Stafford,
Peary's daughter, was born in the Arctic." National Photo Company

I'm a Wreck: 1923

"Auto Wreck, 1923." Another Washington, D.C., vehicular mishap, this
time at the Library of Congress. National Photo Company Collection.

Bensenville: 1943

May 1943. Bensenville, Illinois. Section crew of the Chicago,
Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad taking up tracks. 4x5
Kodachrome transparency by Jack Delano for the Office of War

Iola and Anna: 1922

June 17, 1922. Iola Swinnerton and Anna Neibel, winners of a beauty
contest at Washington's Tidal Bathing Beach. Miss Swinnerton resides
at 3125 Mount Pleasant Street NW. National Photo Company Collection.

Bertha May Graf: 1921

February 5, 1921. "Miss Bertha May Graf, chosen the prettiest girl at
suffrage headquarters in Washington, will be chief flower girl at the
National Woman's Party convention." Miss Graf resides at 1429
Longfellow Street NW in the District of Columbia. 4x5 glass negative,
National Photo Company.

Montana Cowboys: 1939

June 1939. Big Horn County, Montana. Quarter Circle U Ranch roundup.
Cowhands singing after a day's work. Medium-format nitrate negative by
Arthur Rothstein for the Farm Security Administration.

Union Station: 1943

January 1943. The waiting room of Union Station in Chicago.
Medium-format negative by Jack Delano for the Office of War
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